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23 August 2011

Kovalima District refuses to cooperate with ombudsman monitoring detention of Zumalai violence suspects

Human Rights & Justice Ombudsman Sebastiao diaz Ximenes
East Timor Legal News 22/08/2011 Source Diario Nacional 22 August 2011 language source: Tetun - The Timorese Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman Sebastiao diaz Ximenes said police in the district of Kovalima did not cooperate with his officers to investigate human rights violations in the district.

Ximenes said his officers' presence in Kovalima district was to monitor the detainees in the police detention center there, but unfortunately they could not get access to it.

"We are calling on all entities, including Kovalima district police to cooperate with our team," he said.

The ombudsman has phoned police commander in Kovalima, but there was no response, he said.

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