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09 August 2011

PNTL do not be afraid to confiscate state assets

East Timor Legal News 08/08/2011 Source: Timornewsline -  MP Aderito Hugo from the ruling Timorese National Congress (CNRT) party said that the Timorese National Police (PNTL) should not be afraid of Government officials who misuse state assets such as vehicles on the weekends and vacation days.

MP Hugo called on the PNTL to seize state assets used by the Government officials on Saturday and Sunday.

"I am calling on the PNTL to confiscate state assets used by the officials of the Government on weekends," MP Hugo said last Friday in Parliament (5/7).

On the weekend, some officials of the Government use Government assets to carry out their private activities, Da Costa said. He affirmed that sometimes some of the Government officials change the licence plates and use private ones.

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