14 August 2008

East Timor Ministry of Justice New Web Site


Bem Vindo a Website do Ministério da Justiça


Welcome to the new website of the Ministry of Justice

Dear readers,

Today, August 8, 2008, I would like to inform to the public of Timor-Leste about the launching of the official website of the Ministry of Justice. The objective of this website is to establish a means to bring updated information about the development of the Timorese Judicial sector.

The website is one of the results of a long work period involving the capacity building of national human resources, the installation of support infrastructures and the creation of the Legal Information Technology Unit - the UTIL. This work has been done since 2002 with the maximum support of UNDP’s Programme for Strengthening the Judicial System in Timor-Leste, which aims, among other results, introduce the Information Technology to the Timorese Judicial sector.

Over the past five years the team of UTIL has established a computer network for sharing software, Internet, Intranet and telephone extensions (using Voice over IP technology - VoIP) between the various institutions of the sector such as the Courts, Prosecutors, the Public Defender’s Office, the Prison System in Becora, among others.

Moreover, UTIL also developed computer’s software programs for supporting and management of daily activities, as for example:

i) CERTO – Case Management System for legal process, inquiries and control of recluses in the prison;

ii) the official website of the Jornal da Republica; and

iii) the official Web-mail of the Ministry of Justice.

In the next few months, the same services will be also available in other two locations: Baucau and Suai. Oecusse and Gleno will be ready in 2009, after the establishment of the Internet access in the region.

Through this work plan, the Ministry of Justice intends to deliver the service directly in the districts, improving equity of access to justice for all citizens.

The Ministry of Justice will devote great effort to deepen the development of the website, promising to use this space on the Internet to publish information that is updated, concise and relevant, aggregating synergy to the activities of the Judicial sector.

Finally, with the all the authority invested on me, I have the honor to declare the official launching of Ministry of Justice the website.

Dili, on August 8, 2008

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