25 August 2008

Horta: Forensic Report of Alfredo’s shooting is untrue

Timor Post Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Dili – President Jose Ramos Horta strongly rejected the autopsy results for the body of the rebel’s ex-commander Alfredo Reinado Alves from Victorian of Forensic Medicine Australia.

As reported on the The Australian, Alfredo and his member Leopolino Exposto were shot at a very close range. Exposto was shot once in the back of the head and Alfredo was shot 4 times ( in the eye, neck, chest and hand).

“The gun shot wounds were black this shows that they were shot at a very close range, maybe be from only 2 feet,” said David Ranson from The Victorian of Forensic Medicine.

The head of Timor-Leste state, Jose Ramos Horta rejected the report, saying that this is an act of manipulation from the Australia Forensic and The Australian who want to further confuse the people of Timor-Leste.

Horta said, Alfredo was not silly to let himself be killed, if he (Alfredo) had known the position of the F-FDTL soldier, he would have not gone there. And it was impossible for him to give himself up and then been shot dead after. As a military man he would have never give himself up, but it was because he did not see the soldier at the post and he was shot.

“I don’t believe that the F-FDTL soldier arrived to arrest Alfredo then shot him after, which was impossible to have happen. Alfredo also did not want to die, but he was shot because he really did not see the F-FDTL soldier who was hiding at the post,” said Horta to Timor Post and STL, Monday night, after participating in the reception ceremony for the diplomatic bodies for the IR independence day, at the IR Embassy, Farol Dili.

Mean while, ex-prime minister Mari Alkatiri has call for an independent international team to intervene in the investigations of the shooting of the President Horta and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao on the 11 February passed. Alkatiri is not surprised at that report, because he had doubts from the beginning of the facts of the event. That is why, Alkatiri has asked for an independent international team that can be under the UN. “ Without the involvement of America, Australia and Portugal, the nations that are not already operating in this nation” said the leader of opposition to the TEMPO Jakarta by phone.

The Secretary General for the major opposition party in the country, blames the Xanana Gusmao government for refusing this process. After all, he says, the National Parliament has agreed with Fretilin’s proposal to bring an international independent team to investigate the case. (sar )

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