22 August 2008

Legal Reports East Timor National Media 21 August 2008

UNMIT Daily Media Review - Morning Headlines 22 August 2008

A man stabbed to death near ANZ Bank – Radio Timor-Leste, 21 August
Police has reported today that a recharge-phone-card seller was killed by five-drunken-men near the Dili’s ANZ Bank area. Dili Police Station Commander, Inspector Pedro Belo said the man was killed at about 2 am this morning (21/8). The man was killed after he and his younger brother refused to give money to the suspects. The Commander said they police had detained one of the suspects and was being locked up in the police’s detention centre for investigation purpose. Belo added the police was currently in the pursuit of the five other suspects who were believed to have been involved in the case.

UN confirms human rights violation still critical in Timor-Leste – Radio Timor-Leste, 21 August
The United Nations has confirmed that human rights violation still critical in Timor-Leste, because the Joint Operation Command soldiers and police officers are suspected of being engaged in human rights violation during the hunt for rebels went on in the country. Chief of the UN Human Rights, Luis Gentile made the comments today during a press conference on the second report of human rights violation in Timor-Leste. Gentile said the UN considered acts of violence committed by the Joint Operation’s soldiers and police officers, such as beatings and psychological threats were still being part of human rights violation. He called on the Timorese Defense Force (F-FDTL) and National Police (PNTL) to be responsible for the human rights violation committed by the soldiers and officers.

Gusmao urges suspension of from his post – Radio Timor-Leste, 21 Auguust
Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão has issued an official request to suspend director for equipments and maintenance from the Department of Infrastructures, because he is suspected of being involved in corruptions.

The prime minister said the director was accused of stealing state money which should actually be spent for house construction for the Timorese National Police (PNTL). Gusmão said there were some evidences had proved Director Joanico Gonçalves to be responsible for falsifying documents of maintenance and expenses for fuel worth $ US 60, 200. Gusmão said Gonçalves was also responsible for the house construction for the police worth $ 180,000, because the house constructed did not meet with standard determined, as there were no bath rooms and toilets. The director would be suspended for 90 days from his current post without payment.

UN launches report on human rights development in Timor-Leste – Televizaun Timor-Leste, 21 August
The United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) has launched its second report on the human rights development in the country. The report covered the human rights violation taking place in September 2007 until June 20008. The report focused on human rights violation committed by the Task force police officers and the country’s defense force during the implementation of state under siege and state of emergency. During a press conference held at the office of UNMIT, Deputy Human Rights and Justice Ombudsmen, Silveiro Pinto said these were the facts of human rights violation in the country and were being major challenges for the human rights practitioners to do their tasks.

Meanwhile, Chief of the UN Human Rights Unit, Luis Gentile said the report focused on human rights violation happened in 2007 until June 20008 which specifically on security sector and justice issue. The report is also about the country’s judicial system, recent pardon given to the prisoners by the president and the attacks on the President Horta’s residence on February 11.

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