15 August 2008

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PNTL compelled to participate in dialogue - TVTL

The PNTL Commander will take measures against former PNTL officers who had sided with Alfredo during the 2006 crisis if they do not participate in a PNTL-led dialogue. The State Secretary of Security Francisco Guterres said this meeting was supposed to be held last week but was postponed as ten PNTL officers were absent. Mr Guterres confirmed that notification letters had been issued to the absentees and warned that action would be taken against them if they failed to participate.

PNTL cracks down on rice price fixing- RTL PNTL
commander Mateus Fernandes said yesterday that The Minister for Tourism had sent a notification letter last Tuesday to the Dili PNTL Commander regarding rice importers. The letter had asked the Dili District Commander to find a mechanism to investigate those companies, especially the Tropical Company, who were importing rice without licenses. Mr Fernandes said that these companies were also to be investigated for price fixing.

Australia asked to help reduce illegal fishing in Timor waters- RTL
The State Secretary for Defense Julio Tomas Pinto said yesterday that the Defense Department would inform the Council of Ministers of their request to the Australian maritime ships to control illegal fisheries on the Timor Sea. Mr Pinto said that the while the Australian Government was ready to support the maritime ships, they were awaiting authorization from the Timorese Goverment to do so. Mr Pinto said that such cooperation between Australian and Timor-Leste was very important to reducing the incidents of illegal fishing.

F-FDTL salary to be increased- Timor Post
The State Secretary for Defense Julio Tomas Pinto said that he would present the F-FDTL salary law to the Council of Ministers before being being sent for approval to the national parliament. Mr Pinto confirmed that each solider would receive a basic salary of $170 per month. Each solider would also receive an extra $40 for accommodation costs and $15 for transport costs.

Airport IDPs happy with recovery funds- Timor Post
The majority of airport IDPs are happy with the Government's recovery funds said IDPs Antonio Sarmento and Carlos Filipe. These former IDPs said that the money would go a long way to rebuilding their homes.

Process to buy 65 luxury cars should be transparent- Diario Nacional
CNRT Chief Eduardo Barreto announced yesterday that he has asked the Finance Minister to present the document to purchase the 65 luxury cars to the public. Mr Barreto said that it was important that the details of the purchases be clarified.

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