11 August 2008

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UNMIT Daily Media Review 11 August 2008

Baucau hands over bullets - RTL
The Police Commander of Baucau PNTL Armindo Faria confirmed that the community of Kaisa Klandestina in Larigua Suco Buibau, Baucau had handed over more then 600 bullets including SKS bullets, Maujer bullets, and F-16 bullets to PNTL, UNPol, F-FDTL and ISF last Saturday. According to Mr Faria, the bullets were part of the weaponry used during the struggle for independence.

Media shouldn’t be afraid to criticize government - Diario Nacional, Timor Post
On the first anniversary of the AMP Government, the Prime Minister has told journalists that they shouldn’t be afraid to criticize the Government. The PM said that he believed criticisms would strengthen the Government. He did ask however that journalists also act responsibility and impartially when criticizing the Government.

Fretilin asks for investigation into promulgation fiasco - Diario Nacional, Timor Post
Fretilin has asked for an investigation into the events surrounding the promulgation of the budget. Accordign to Fretilin, President Ramos-Horta had issued strict instructions to his office to not publish the rectifying budget before the results of the Tribunal examining the constitutionality of the budget was revealed. Fretilin have said that while they believe that the President did not intend to promulgate the budget, they do believe a member of his cabinet was responsible for publishing it against the President’s wishes.

UNMIT congratulates PM on success of AMP Gov - Timor Post
The Special Representative of the Secretary-General Atul Khare has congratulated the AMP government on its first anniversary of taking office. The SRSG said that on behalf of the UN Mission, he hoped the Government would continue to perform well for the next five years.

Judgment on suspects postponed - Timor Post
Prosecutor Felismino Cardoso has presented a list of 12 new suspects for the 23 May cases alleged to have been involved in attacking F-FDTL members in Fatuhai. Mr Cardoso has asked the tribunal to postpone their cases until 16 October as the General Prosecutor’s office hasn’t finished the investigations.

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