27 August 2008

Ex-army admits: Conspiracy Xanana Gusmao and Mahidin Simbolon

Dark side of President of East Timor

Hukum dan Politik, Gatra Nomor 42, beredar Jumat, 7 September 2004

Jakarta, 6 September 2004 14:45

There was a commotion in the editor's office this morning with the presence of a man with the initials JM . The man who admits to being ex-army of the Satu Kompi Brawijaya Division and appeared keen to admit that, due to feelings of frustration and stress, ongoing for years, he could no longer keep quiet about the connection with the involvement of the military operation ABRI/POLRI (TNI/POLRI-red) in East Timor from the year 1994 to the end of 1996.

The journalists of this magazine were confused by this gentleman. However, after several minutes the ex member of ABRI started to explain to the GATRA correspondent about several involvements in the killing operation of several important figures of the pro freedom movement of East Timor which ran from 1994 to 1996.

Here the magazine correspondent was not very surprised with the information, as it was already an open secret that in the mid 90s the war in East Timor was being stoked by ABRI/POLRI (TNI/POLRI-red) on several of the East Timor guerrilla defence basis or as they are better known by their ABRI term, GPK-Fretilin.

However, the story became very different and surprising when ex-sergeant JM (who has to keep his name secret for the safety of his family) explained all the ABRI operational documents to do with the Front Clandestin and East Timor Armed Force.

The main target of the operation was the leader of the Front Clandestin organisation who at that time was led by his commander Keri Laran Sabalae. One thing which was very interesting and also sensational was the dilemma of the military operation which was directly under the command of Colonel Mahidin Simbolon (Simbolon's rank at the time) with the cooperation with Xanana Gusmao, the "resistance leader" of East Timor, who was incarcerated in LP Cipinang Jakarta.

Ex-sergeant JM said that he himself was present at the meeting between Colonel M. Simbolon which was conducted in a room of the Lembaga Permasyarakatan Cipinang in Jakarta.

The basis of the meeting was the desire and the readiness of Xanana Gusmao to "centralise" radical groups into an East Timorese resistance organisation body which, according to Xanana, could threaten the efforts of the "quiet resistance" and reconciliation with diverse East Timor political groups who were being hurried along to unify the people of East Timor.

Because of this, Xanana Gusmao was ready to work together with Col. M Simbolon to annihilate the radical groups of "GPK Fretilin" which among others consisted of several commandants of the Fretilin movement and its followers with names Rodak Timur, Keri Laran Sabalae, David Alex, Konis Santana and Eli Fohorai Boot.

These names were inserted very clearly in a military operation document appendix 1994-1996 which was unfolded by ex-sergeant JM. The core of the "cooperation" between Xanana's camp and M. Simbolon was the principle of mutualism: Simbolon could achieve success in his military career and Xanana would even become more flexible in controlling the resistance movement which he commanded from LP Cipinang.

It seems clear indeed that the president of the new East Timor was very cunning in maintaining the importance of his group by exterminating his own commanders, who were deemed disloyal to him or even if loyal, according to Xanana they over- prioritised the "violent path" to reach national goals.

Seen from the documents and the various photographs in the possession of JM, it is very difficult to doubt the origin of this story. This is the hidden version and the dark side of the "charisma" of Xanana who was so exalted by his own people. Working with the "enemy" to annihilate his own people.

Ex-sergeant JM himself says the burden he has carried for this time has become lighter with his admittance. He regrets deeply why the East Timorese president was so sly in order to victimise part of the members of his people for the importance of his political strategy.

Concerning Major General Simbolon, Serka (sergeant major), JM makes the appeal that the TNI/POLRI headquarters immediately investigate this case.

Because the nature of the military operation at that time secrecy from the unit which was led by Col. M. Simbolon. ABRI headquarters only obtained the military operation appendix copy after the defeat of several "GPK Fretilin". "

Because of this, Major General Purnawirawan Mahidin Simbolon must be immediately investigated remembering that 'the stars on his shoulders' of the general is the result of conspiracy with the enemy of the Republic of Indonesia at that time," adds ex sergeant JM. [IY, GAT]Imung Yuniardi (Semarang)

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