12 August 2008

Legal Reports East Timor National Media 12 August 2008

UNMIT Daily Media Review 12 August 2008

Guterres visits border- TVTL
State Secretary for Security Fransisco Guterres said yesterday that Prime Minister Gusmao had authorized him to visit the border to observe the conditions of the PNTL Immigration Team and the training they were receiving. Mr Guterres said that the objective of the visit was to assess the many problems faced by the team over the past year, including a lack of facilities, so as to assist with improving their conditions. Mr Guterres added that the PNTL Commander was looking for a mechanism to hold a dialogue with the PNTL members who had joined Alfredo's group.

PNTL to stop illegal gambling- TVTL
PNTL Commander Pedro Belo said yesterday that the PNTL will begin an operation to stop illegal gambling groups from next Tuesday. Mr Belo appealed to the public, particularly Dili residents, to stop all forms of illegal gambling, including Kuru-kuru, SDSB, and Bola gulling. He warned that under law 303, the PNTL were authorized to arrest any person caught gambling the illegal games and that sentences could be as long as 10 years. Mr Belo added that the operation to stop the illegal gambling would start in the areas of Komoro, Becora, Bebora and Merkado Lama.

Sentence for Myanmar prisoners reduced- RTL
The PNTL Director of the Immigration Team Jose da Costa said yesterday stated that the tribunal had decided to reduce the preventive sentence for two Myanmar citizens for a month as the prisoners were facing economic problems. He did warn however that the prisoners had to present themselves at the immigration office in two weeks time.

Fretilin accuses PM of threatening Court of Appeals- Suara Timor Lorosae and Timor Post Fretilin President Francisco "Lu-olo" Guterres said that Fretilin has demanded that the Prime Minister stop his attempts to manipulate the judicial process regarding the pending case of the Economic Stabilization Funds (ESF). Fretilin has accused the Government of making political threats against the Court to force a decision in favour of the Government. Fretilin warned that the Government should expect demonstrations should the Court decide that the use of the ESF was constitutional.

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