30 August 2008

Legal News National Media Reports 29 August 2008

Ainaro police recalls illegal weapons - Televisaun Timor-Leste, 30 August
Police of southern district of Ainaro has recalled about 100 illegal weapons, such as home-made weapons like Ambon arrows, ammunitions and others. Ainaro District Police Commander, Calisto Gonzaga said residents in Ainaro voluntarily handed over the weapons to the police force during the month of August. The commander said operation of recalling the illegal weapons would be continued until the deadline set by the Government had come to end. He added the police in Ainaro was currently facing shortcomings of transport to help support them in doing their tasks.

Difficult to Reform PNTL's Mentality, says former PM - Suara TimorLorosa'e, 29 August 2008
East Timor's former Prime Minister Estanislau Aleixo da Silva saidThursday (29/8) that though the AMP government was trying its best to reform the East Timor National Police (PNTL) as law enforcement institution of the country the reform itself was not an easy task to do. "To reform the mentality of the PNTL is not an easy task and I think the PNTL members who get involved in certain cases have to be investigated, not just making public relations", da Silva said.

He said he does not agree with the mere public announcement about PNTL without proper independent investigation in order to know who should be held accountable in the tribunal. Da Silva added there were a lot of irregularities found within the institution of the PNTL and that these irregularities would reduce thelevel of people's confidence in the PNTL. The former Prime Minister made the suggestion that one way of tackling these irregularities was to dissolve the Task Force as this unit was believed to be involved in these irregularities and other related problems of the institution.

Australian Forensic Team has no right to publicize investigative findings, says AMP's da Costa - Timor Post, 29 August
National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) MP Aderito Hugoda Costa said the Australian Forensic Team had no right to publicise investigative findings on the shooting dead of rebel leader AlfredoReinado Alves and his follower, Leopoldino da Costa on February 11. Da Costa said only the country&'s Public Prosecution had the right and had legal power to publicize the findings of investigation on the incident of February 11. Da Costa was referring to the result of autopsy by the Australian Forensic which was publicised by international media outlet called the Australian, saying Reinado and his man were shot at close range. He added the Australian Forensic Team had damage the country's credibility, because publication on the autopsy should not be done by the team that worked for laboratory.

UN disagrees on setting up international investigative commission, saysCNRT MP - Timor Post, 29 August 2008
Following the ongoing polemics on the approved resolution of settingan international investigative commission into the attempted assassination of President Horta, National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) MP Aderito Hugo da Costa, said the Government wanted to implement it, but the UN disagreed with the resolution made. Da Costa said the UN disagreed with the resolution, because it did not fully give power to the international investigators in doing the investigation and making recommendations.

"In the approved resolution, some of its article saying theGovernment can set up the commission, yet the investigators have no right to make recommendations," Da Costa said. Da Costa added the Government had tried to approach the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT), however there was no agreement reached, because the resolution closed the door for the UN to makerecommendation.

Local youths to hand in their home-made weapons - Timor Post,29 August 2008
Bairo Pite's village head of the Don Aleixo sub-district in Dili, Jo daCosta Belo informed Thursday (28/8) that in the near future he would work together with other local and community leaders to organize youths tohand in their traditional home-made weapons to security and law enforcement officers. "Now we have a program to initiate meetings with the police to discuss how to coordinate with youth and sub-village heads to hand in illegal weapons", said da Costa Belo. He added as a village he will organize all local youth to contribute tothe collection of illegal weapons in order to restore peace in the Bairo Pite village.

Police officers to be certificated in training - Radio Timor-Leste, 29 August
About 100 of Timorese Police (PNTL) officers have been certificated after successfully participated in training provided by the UN police at the Police College Training centre. The participants were from different police units and were focused on how to respond conflicts, tactics and corruption handling. Police Commander, Inspector Mateus Fernandes said the country's police had showed their good performance and strong professionalism in responding situation in the capital Dili. Fernandes said the country's police officers were still lacking skills, but had showed their patriotism within the community.

High Level Meeting between TL - Indonesia to be held in Dili to follow upTFC Recommendations; Radio Timor-Leste, 29 August 2008
East Timor hosted a two-day meeting in the compound of ForeignMinistry and Cooperation in Dili between Indonesian andTimor-Leste's senior officials to discuss about the follow up of the Truth and Friendship Committee (TFC). The Director for Regional Integration Roberto Soares said Friday (29/8)the meeting had indeed touched some recommendations of theTFC.

However, other bilateral issues such as such as the issuance of student visas, visa-on-arrival, and medical assistance to the victims of war were highlighted in the meeting. Mr. Soares added the meeting was above all to keep cementing the relationship between the two neighboring countries.

His Indonesian counterpart, Reslan Ishar Jeny, the Director forMultilateral Affairs said they also discussed how Indonesia could help security sector reform in Timor-Leste. Asked about the state responsibility as part of following up the recommendations of the TFC, Mr. Jeny said both countries committed to establishing good relationship and therefore problems of the past should not color the endeavor of strengthening good relationship.

NZ to support Timor-Leste in community policing, says Foreign Minister Da Costa - Radio Timor-Leste, 29 August
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Zacarias da Costa, said the Government of New Zealand would help support the country in the community policing. The minister said NZ wanted to support Timorese police with the system being applied in that country. "In the field of security, PrimeMinister Gusm and his counterpart talked on the NZ's support for the country in community policing how the Timorese police could work closelyto their people," Da Costa said. NZ has also pledged to provide scholarship for the country in the field of defense and is ready send more its soldiers to be deployed in the country.

President Horta urges Government to give sanction to businessmen - Televisaun Timor-Leste, 29
President Jose Ramos Horta has urged the Government to impose sanctions to businessmen that continued increasing good prices in the market. The president said the Government had reduced tax price, so that the businessmen could reduce prices in the market, yet were still hike, therefore the Government should be suing those who keep increasing the price. Horta said the prices which were still staying in high in the country had a severe impact on the people's lives to buy basic needs. Observations made by the TV's journalists that the prices of basic goods in the markets are still increasing.

UN urges Timor's Police to be professional - RTTL 29 August 2008
The United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNMIT) had urged the East Timor's National Police to be professional in serving the country and its people.

Killers of Lobato's relatives deserve 100 years in prison, says Ramos Horta - Radio Televisaun Timor Leste , 29 August 2008
East Timor's President Jose Manuel Ramos Horta stated the killers of Rogerio Lobato's relatives deserve to get 100 years in prison.

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