28 August 2008

Legal News Summaries 28 August 2008

President Horta proposes international investigators - Radio Televisaun Timor Leste , 28 August 2008
President Jose Ramos Horta has proposed an international investigative team to hold an investigation into the murder of former interior minister Rogerio Lobato's family members during the country's recent crisis.

The President said if the country's prosecutor general had no otherway to proceed, he would ask international investigators to follow up the case. Horta said he would contact the United State's FBI, Australia, Indonesia, Portugal and Malaysia to help process the case. However, Horta also gave an opportunity to the general prosecutor and police to follow up this case before contacting the internationals.

Martial Arts Groups say "Yes To Peace!" - Radio Televisaun Timor Leste , 28 August 2008
Two influential martial arts group in East Timor, 7-7 and PSHT, made a peace pact on Wednesday (28/8), ending long-standing conflict among the members.

The peace pact was made during a joint press conference where representatives of each martial arts organization made clear commitment to end violence and to accelerate the development of the country.

In addition, Pedro Aparicio, representing PSHT, and Sanamia of 7-7 pledged not to be used as political instrument by politicians to pursue their own political interests. The martial arts groups also apologized for their past wrongdoings committed by their members, notably during 2006 political crisis.

By saying "Yes, to Peace!" the groups promised to restrain themselves from violence in order to restore stability in the country. The peace pact of these long-standing arch-rivals was mediated by Dili's HAK Foundation.

Government officials should stay away from corruption, says Deputy PM - Radio Televisaun Timor Leste , 28 August 2008
Deputy Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres has called on the country's Government officials to stay away from corruption within the state institutions. Guterres made the comments during a meeting for executing the state budget of 2008 and proposed state budget of 2008 at the Office of the Foreign Ministry today (27/8).

"People who are working at the state institutions should be professional and dedicated in doing their tasks," Guterres said. He called on all the functionaries to contribute to the country by giving information about matters that could damage the country's image.

Lasama Urges Govt to act on the Parliament’s ResolutionTimor Post - 28 August 2008
President of the Parliament Fernando 'Lasama' de Araujo has urged Xanana's Government to follow up the Parliament's decision about setting up an international investigative commission into the events of 11 February 2008.

Procurement is not place for corruption, collusion and nepotism, says Soares - Suara Timor Loro Sa'e , 28 August 2008
Director for Procurement, Francisco “Burlaku” Soares, has denied allegation of corruption, collusion and nepotism within the Department of Procurement, because procurement is not a place for corruption, collusion and nepotism practices.

LDP stops cooperating with CNE - Radio Televisaun Timor Leste , 28 August 2008
Timorese Democratic Progressive League known as LDP has decided to not cooperate anymore with Timorese Electoral Commission (CNE) until the next general elections to be held in 2012.

Spokesperson for LDP, Nelson Correia said they made such decision, because CNE only provided budget for the political parties that had seats in the Parliament. Meanwhile, spokesperson for CNE, Martinho Gusmao, said the decision madeby LDP was reasonable, although they had no seats in the Parliament, yet still following the process. Gusmao added if LDP wanted to halt its relations with CNE that was fine, because the law had specifically defined it.

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