26 August 2008

Update on the ANF and Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA East Timor Nurses Appeal

03 July 2008 - In an important demonstration of solidarity with nurses in East Timor, ANF Federal Secretary Ged Kearney and ANF Tasmania branch Organiser Agnes Stanislaus-Large travelled to Dili at the end of June to distribute much-needed funds to nurses affected by the unrest in 2006.

Over the last two years, ANF members have generously donated over $150,000 to assist members of the East Timor Nurses' Association to rebuild houses that were damaged or destroyed in the unrest. The ANF worked together with Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA and the East Timor Nurses' Association to distribute the money to 130 nurses.

A formal ceremony was convened so that Ged Kearney could personally meet the nurses whose homes had been damaged or destroyed. "It was a humbling and emotional experience to meet the nurses who had continued to work through the unrest, caring for injured and sick people in the hospitals, all the while knowing that they had no home to go back to," Ged Kearney said. Many nurses and their families stayed in camps in the hospital grounds continuing to work long and difficult hours.

Bernardo Amaral do Rosario, one of the nurses who received the funds, would like to thank the ANF on behalf of all the nurses who received funds from the ANF, and says the money will help their families to rebuild their houses and to replace furniture that was destroyed. Bernardo says "I know that this is not the first time the ANF has collaborated with Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA to assist the East Timor Nurses' Association.

We are very proud of ANF members who show their solidarity with us through this funding. Even though we are across the water, they still pay full attention to us. I hope that our relationship will grow stronger, and once again I would like to thank very deeply the ANF and their members." Union Aid Abroad

Post sponsored by East Timor Women - Raising awareness of the plight of women in Timor-Leste.

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