22 August 2008

Science doesn't back Ramos Horta story

The Australian 19 August 2008 - East Timor President Jose Ramos Horta has delivered a furious tirade against The Australian, accusing it of inventing an article. The story in The Australian said rebel leader Major Alfredo Reinado was shot dead at almost point-blank range inside his compound on February 11. Read more...

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Anonymous said...

Horta’s Treachery

Paul Toohey’s investigations and subsequent revelations have ignited much conjecture. The fracas of Horta’s unabashed imprudent politicking for the position of UN Commissioner of HR has brought to light his capacity for treachery.


“The Australian went to Professor David Ranson, of the Victoria Institute of Forensic medicine to ask about the general nature of gunshot wounds. Professor Ranson said that blackening and burning only appeared when a gun was fired at almost point-blank range.”

Horta’s attack of The Australian and Paul Toohey in defence of his discreditable proposition is another example of his cowardly ability to continually accuse all and sundry but himself and his corrupt colleagues. What the leaders of East Timor have done to their people is unforgivable.


“The recording adds force to the argument that Reinado's lover, Angelita Pires, who has been accused of being Reinado's puppeteer, was not as influential as has been claimed. Pires was not at the meeting and Reinado's stubbornness is clearly of his own making.

Reinado had earlier written to the President saying he was prepared to be placed under house arrest in Dili, with a New Zealand guard, while awaiting his trial in a military court. (Timor has no such court.) He no longer trusted Australian troops because he felt they were encroaching on his turf.”

Why did Reinado feel the need to secretly record his meeting with Horta? Why did he feel it necessary to entrust this recording to someone else?

I call on Mr Kevin Rudd and the Australian Government to show genuine and credible leadership in the region:

- Support calls for an independent International Inquiry by ex-prime minister - Mari Alkatiri, member of ET ruling coalition - Mario Carrascalao, opposition MP - Jose Teixeira

- Demand presentation of admissible evidence for charges against Australian Citizen, Angtelita Pires

- Cease all foreign aid to East Timor until full cooperation for the above is received from its undemocratic government

Antonio Pires