09 August 2008

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UNMIT Daily Media Review 08 August 2008

PNTL to work for peace and stability- RTL

PNTL Interim Commander Afonso de Jesus said the role of the PNTL was to maintain law and law and to cooperate with community members in order to develop the nation. Mr de Jesus added that both the PNTL and F-FDTL should have unity to guarantee peace and stability.

Buried corpses remain hidden- RTL

The Australian and Argentinian Foreign Seek Team have excavated some sites in Tibar believed to hold corpses of massacre victims. The team, composed of members from Victoria University, Argentina and CFDT, have been assisting the families of victims of the 1991 Santa Cruz mascara. The families had long believed that a number of the people who had died in the massacre were buried in Tibar. No evidence of the murdered victims were found.

UNPol will not reduce strength- Suara Timor Lorosae

UNMIT Spokesperson Alison Cooper said yesterday during a press conference that the UN mission in Timor-Leste was not planning to reduce the size of the UN Police over the next six months. Ms Cooper added that this was a decision made by the UN Security Council in New York.

PNTL reformed on Timor-style model- Suara Timor Lorosae

The State Secretary for Security said that the PNTL will be reformed on a model appropriate for the Timor context. He suggested that the model would be one that would instill a strong sense of community in the PTNL, emphasizing a discipline for PNTL members and respect and cooperation with the community.

Fernando Gusmão: the government may execute the Economic Stabilization Fund- Diario Nacional

PSD MP Fernando Dias Gusmão said yesterday that whilst the opposition parties of Fretilin, AD and PUN consider the Economic Stabilization Fund(ESF) as an illegal budget, the Government has a legal base to execute it given that it has already been promulgated by the President of the Republic.

According to Mr Gusmao, the petition of illegality presented by the opposition parties to the Courts of Appeal was about the decree law of the establishment of the ESF, not the rectifying budget. As such, even if the Court of Appeals recognized the ESF as unconstitutional, it will not implicate the rectifying budget approved by the Parliament as the Parliament has the competence to approve any draft budget.

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