07 August 2008

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UNMIT Daily Media Review 07 August 2008

PNTL to investigate price fixing of rice- RTL
PNTL Inspector Mateus Fernandes said yesterday that the PNTL will not tolerate any manipulation of the governments rice. He confirmed that the PNTL are currently investigating some business men allegedly involved in price manipulation.

PNTL weapons still missing- Timor Post
PNTL Commander Afonso de Jesus confirmed yesterday that while many weapons had been handed over to the PNTL, there were still five large weapons and 17 pistols missing. Separately, PNTL Sub-Inspector Mateus Fernandes stated that on next Sunday (10/8/), there will be an official ceremony to hand over traditional weapons in Viqueque district.

903 IDPs return to their communities- Diario Nacional
A total of 903 IDP families residing at the airport camp returned to their communities yesterday under the Government’s national recovery program, Hamutuk Hari Futuro. Minister for Social Solidarity Maria Domingas Alves thanked the IDPs for taking the decision to return home and assured them that the Government would provide for their security.

PR Horta has promulgated rectified budget – Diario Nacional
rime Minister Xanana Gusmão said that the government continues to execute the rectified budget promulgated by President José Ramos-Horta on 4 August as published in the Jornal da Repúblic.“I have received the promulgation [of rectified budget] from Jornal da República. However, the President is still concerned with the opposition’s submission to the Court of Appeals.

I told the President in our meeting that we have to pay a debt of more than US$7M. If the Court of Appeals decides that the Economic Stabilization Funds (FEE) is unconstitutional and then we will surely have demonstrations. I will tell the protestors to take up their compaints with the Court and members of the opposition,” the Prime Minister said on Wednesday (4/8) in Dili.

Rectified budget promulgated: AMP-Fretilin sad, journalists surprised – Diario Nacional

The action of President Jose Ramos-Horta to promulgate the rectified budget has dismayed both AMP and opposition MPs and surprised the media. The two benches are dismayed as the decision of the President is unclear; telling the nation that the budget had not been promulgated even thought it had been promulgated on Monday(4/8). MPs are demanding that this issue be clarified.

1999 East Timor Crimes Against Humanity

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