05 January 2009

East Timor Law Journal - Call for papers 2009

SYDNEY 05 January 2009 - East Timor Law Journal (ETLJ) is the only East Timor-dedicated law journal. Online since March 2004, ETLJ contains a unique and growing archive of authoritative articles on legal issues in East Timor covering human rights, rule of law, constitutional, land, environmental, criminal, maritime and traditional law.

ETLJ is calling for new original articles analysing legal problems in East Timor for publication in 2009.

The primary language of publication is English but Portuguese or Tetum language articles may be submitted (preferably in .pdf format) provided that they are accompanied by an English translation. Additionally, articles written in Indonesian may be submitted and they will be translated into English by ETLJ prior to publication.

To submit an article for consideration for publication in ETLJ, contact the Publisher, Mr. Warren Wright BA LLB, at wwright1961@gmail.com.

To view the current articles index, click here.

East Timor Law Journal - Towards the rule of law in Timor-Leste.

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