06 January 2009

Law No 12/2008 Amending Law No 10/2007 on the State Budget

First alteration to Law No 10/2007 of the 31st of December, which approved the General State Budget for 2008

The present law is intended to complement and update the General State Budget (GSB) for 2008.

The GSB Amendment encompasses an update of the receipts and expenses of the State of East Timor.

Annex I establishes the estimated total State receipts from January to December 2008 deriving from all sources: Petroleum, non-petroleum, development partner fees, receipts from autonomous agencies and other non-fiscal receipts. The estimated total income from all theses sources is now US $ 2,025.6 million.

Annex II alters the budget estimates for each State Body, broken down in the following fashion:

1. $ 58.884 million for Pay and Salaries;
2. $ 447.409 million for Goods and Services;
3. $ 39.249 million for Minor Capital;
4. $ 110.553 million for Development Capital;
5. $ 132.217 million for Public Transfer payments.

The total estimated budget expenditure is, therefore, $ 788.312 million. Excluding autonomous bodies, total budgeted expenditure in the GSB is $ 765.966 million. Read the entire text of this law...

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