05 November 2009

Tempo Semanal Internet Exclusive: Dili will seek Compensation for Oil spill

The President of Timor-Leste Jose Ramos-Horta has said that the Government of Timor-Leste should seek compensation of the current Oil Spill in the Timor Sea damages the environment.

For almost three months the oil spill at the Montara oil rig has gone seemingly unnoticed by the leaders of Timor-Leste at any official level.

Upon arriving today from South Korea at 1410 Dili time President Ramos-Horta has said that "about the problem in the Timor Sea, I think that it has been going on now for more than two months, occuring in the Australian zone of the Timor Sea for which the Australian Government have full responsibility for the problem together with the Thai oil company involved"

"They were unable to plug it and recently about the day before yesterday or yesterday a major fire occured on the rig"

?This is a major disaster. Even though it is in Australian territory but it doesn't mean Timor-Leste is not affected.?

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