27 November 2009

Rai Ketak: Somebody tell the Pilot

[Dear readers, My guest blogger rightly fears reprisals, so even a pseudonym is out.]

At the ?development partners? meeting a few weeks ago I was reminded of a line from a the book Outliers, where the First Officer says to the pilot ?the weather radar has been very useful? suggest that other devices apart from the naked eye could be used to land the plane as they are about to crash into a mountain.

Except that not one of the ?development partners? would even hint that there was such a thing as a weather radar. At this meeting the government, the DSRSG congratulated the government on its excellent progress to date, especially on matters such as food security and security sector reform ? what the hell?!

The World Bank also appeared to be in an extremely congratulatory mood. When the national priorities of justice and governance came up, not one ?development partners? raised a question about the President?s, Prime Minister?s, and Minister of Justice?s alleged breaches of the constitution with regard to the Martenus Bere case, nor did any of the ?development partners? raise any questions about the lack of accountability, transparency, and apparent unlawfulness and outright craziness of the misappropriation of the $70 million from the now postponed(?)/cancelled(?) heavy oil plant for pakote referendum.

The excuse appears to be that these issues are raised privately in meetings between high level representatives of the ?development partners? and Ministers. I know that these issues are not raised or even hinted at.

Why are the ?development partners? so afraid of offending their hosts? I understand that bilateral partners have a long term relationship to think about, but what about multilateral partners. What is the worst that would happen if they do offend their hosts by telling them the truth about what they are doing wrong? Would they get kicked out of the country?

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