12 July 2009

Customary Land Tenure Systems in East Timor Research Report

Research into any aspect of East Timor is always interesting and poses a challenge of its own. Research into East Timor’s Adat Law is even more interesting because, in general, anything related to East Timor can lead to turmoil if it is left undetected and, in particular, land issues in East Timor - which are the object of this research - also have the potential to bring about conflicts.

In view of the above, the Team of the Faculty of Law of Gajah Mada University - in this case, the Center for Land Law Studies - feels grateful for the trust given by the National Land Agency - in this case, the Research and Development Center - to conduct the research in 1994/1995.

It is the team's hope that whatever output the research has produced can be of use to the application of land law theories/concepts in East Timor and can contribute to the formulation of just and useful policies which can give legal certainties to East Timorese people.
Research Report on Adat Land Law in East Timor
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Anonymous said...

Waiting the land reform to get done soon....it;s difficult to build a house now since there is no proper law and regulatio yet...chao