16 July 2009

Shooting of Ramos-Horta: Marcelo Caetano Fingered in Court as Shooter.

Tempo Semanal 15 July 2009 According to testimony in the case of 11/o2/08 shooting of President Ramos-Horta today in Dili District Court; F-FDTL Second Sargent, Isaac Da Silva, was accompanying

President Ramos Hortas acompany on his morning walk on 11/02/08.

He was promoted on September 25th 2008 to First Sargeant, because of his aid to the President.

In front of the judges, prosecutors and lawyers around 17.00 hours Timor-Leste time on 15 July 2009 he was asked to identify the person who shot the President of Timor-Leste. Da Silva said Marcelo Caetano is the one who shot the President. He continued that Caetano had covered his face but his eyes were exposed. "I recognise him by his eyes and the way he stands."

The Da Silva was asked by the Judge to point out Caetano and with no voice but with confidence he did so. The court authority asked how does he know Caetano and Da Silva said they both are friend since they were in the army together. The court finished before 19.00 hours and at 18.35 Isaac left the court room in a realxed manner. Caetano was handcuffed with fellow acused Amaro "Susar" da Costa and were lead out the court, with big smiles waving to their familes.

Image: Caetano with now deceased Alfredo Reinado in Ermera, Timor-Leste 2007.

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