12 July 2009

East Timor Legal News 10 July 2009

President promulgates law conferring investigative powers on the Parliament Timor Post 10 July 2009 President Jose Ramos Horta has promulgated a law that allows the National Parliament to conduct investigations in certain cases.

Horta apologises for 1999 tragedy Timor Post 10 July 2009 President Jose Ramos Horta has apologised for the atrocities committed by Indonesian Armed Force and its militia men in 1999 after a UN ballot conducted to ensure the country's self-determination.

Trial for rebel leader Salsinha and his followers is positive step Timor Post 10 July 2009 Luta Hamutuk [a national NGO] has declared that the trial for the former rebel leader, Gastao Salsinha and his followers over the attacks on President Horta on 11 February 2008 was a positive step.

Parliament urges an investigation into GNR case Suara Timor Lorosae 10 July 2009 Parliamentary Committee B has urged the UN Police to hold an investigation into the case of maltreatment committed by the UN-GNR Police officers to the prime minister's security guards recently.

ETLJB Editor's Note: The Portuguese National Republican Guard (Guarda Nacional da Republica) in East Timor has been accused of human rights violations in the past during their deployment in East Timor. See also the Tempo Semanal report (only in Tetum) on a case of an alleged assault on an East Timorese national police officer (pictured on the left) by members of the GNR.

Fretilin thanks Carrascalao for his work Suara Timor Lorosae 10 July 2009 MP Francisco Miranda from Fretilin has thanked Deputy Prime Minister for Management and Public Administration Mario Viegas Carrascalao for his good will and his efforts in combating corruption in the country.

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