15 July 2009

History of the Resistence to the Indonesian Occupation of Timor-Leste: Seminars at National University, Dili

Dear Friends,

You are invited to participate in a series of discussions / seminars relating to various aspects of the resistance to the Indonesian occupation of Timor Leste. The seminars are based on doctoral research conducted in East Timor over the last few years, comprising around 100 individual interviews with Timorese people from all walks of life. The series will be held at the Peace Centre, Caicoli Campus, UNTL, every Thursday from 16 July to 1 Oct, 10.30am–12pm and 19.00 – 20.30pm.

As we approach the tenth anniversary of the independence referendum, I hope you will join me in a free discussion of this critical period of Timor’s history. I will conduct the seminars mainly in Indonesian, however all languages are welcome. See below for the seminar program. If there are any issues you would like to raise which are not already covered in the proposed program, please contact me – I will be glad of any input you may wish to contribute.

My number is 748 9998, and my email is zeldagrimshaw@gmail.com. Hope to see you there,

Zelda Grimshaw

1. Thurs 16 July: Why talk about the occupation? Peace, justice and history
2. Thurs 23 July: Decolonization and civil conflict: the politicization of East Timor
3. Thurs 30 July: Invasion: the ghosts of ‘75
4. Thurs 6 August: Military Zone: a state of insecurity
5. Thurs 13 August: Santa Cruz : the next generation
6. Thurs 20 August: The Organization: Falintil, Clandestin and the family
7. Thurs 27 August: Referendum 1999: the final act of resistance
8. Thurs 3 Sept: Gender and Terror: TBO, militia and isteri simpanan
9. Thurs 10 Sept: Fighting words: the rhetoric of the resistance
10. Thurs 17 Sept: Becoming Catholic: The growth of the church in occupied Timor
11. Thurs 24 Sept: The ant against the elephant: how did Timor win?
12. Thurs 1 October : No peace without justice: atrocity and the value of

Timorese lives.

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