17 July 2009

Meeting of the East Timor Council of Ministers 15 July 2009





The Council of the Ministers held a meeting on Wednesday, 15 July 2009, in the Convention Room for the Council of the Ministers, in the Government House, in Dili, and it has approved:

1. The Resolution endorsing the establishment of an Inter-ministerial Commission for Assisting the Public Infrastructures Projects

The Council of the Ministers has approved an Inter-ministerial Commission for Assisting the Public Infrastructures Projects composed by all Government Staffs holding the current infrastructures projects and it will be performed under coordination lead by the Vice-Prime-Minister for the Public Administration Management. The Commission is to assist the ongoing works achievement connected to physical projects and under the support lead by Technical Support Department. The last one has to conduct and manage the Inter-ministerial Commission meetings, to establish and to keep up a database concerning to the every ongoing physical projects and to submit recommendations associated to the process of the implementation of the projects at all level (by replacing, improving or to hasten the acts in force).

2. The resolution endorsing the establishment of an Inter-Ministerial Commission for Rural Development

The Inter-Ministerial Commission for Rural Development (ICRD), approved today, will coordinate the programs for rural development. It has to identify the priority spot for rural development, to ascertain the right inter-ministerial coordination by identifying, implementing and completing the projects, to set up coordination and assurance with the development partnership. The Commission is composed by the Vice-Prime-Minister for Public Administration Management (coordinator), the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Public Administration and Land Assortment, the Minister of Economy and Development (vice-coordinator), the Minister of the Infrastructure, the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and under the support from Technical Support Department. The department which enclose the Minister of Economy and the Development (the State Secretary for the Rural Development), the Minister of the Infrastructure and the minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, will assume its function in providing supports for ICRD when it coordinates the programs, completes the decision, increases the dialogue between VPM and the relevant ministers and development partnership and, at the same time, to support the creation of a database.

3. Resolution endorsing the Common Agreement on Economic, Trade, Technical, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation between the Republic of Angola and the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and Additional Protocol on the Creation of a Bilateral Commission respectively.

The Agreement manages to fasten the friendship and cooperation ties between the two countries and to promote economy and development increasing of the two countries. In case the consult led by the Parties shows benefit for increasing a bilateral relation and cooperation on international issues, according to the principles of the United Nations Chart and conducts of International Law universally recognized, a Bilateral Commission will be established at diplomatic range.

4. The resolution endorsing the Proposal for CPLP Strategic Plan for Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste.

Concerning to the importance of boosting the cooperation ties with the Lusofonian Countries encompassed in Portuguese Language Countries Community (CPLP) and the government concern associated to the improvement of Portuguese language promotion, dissemination and practice, and the technical upgrading of public institution, under the support from CPLP along with its State Members, the Council of the Ministers has approved the Proposal concerning to the Strategic Plan by CPLP.

5. The Decree determining the Value of the Variable to estimate the Salary for PNTL

The Government has determines one dollar for the value of the variable, under the provision of article 7o. of the Decree-Law n.o 10/2009, February 18th., to estimate the basic fees for Timor-Leste National Police Personnel and Officials.

6. The Decree determining the monthly fees for Feeding Charge to PNTL

Twenty American dollars were the monthly fees approved by the Council of the Ministers as the cost for feeding charge to PNTL.

The Council of the Ministers has also analyzed:

1. The presentation endorsing the Rural Power Policy

The members of the Council of the Ministers have a chance to listen to the State Secretary for Energetic Policy, the enactment of the Political Plan for Rural Power as one portion of the National Energetic Policy. It has the purpose of reducing the power dependence, by reducing the importation flows, where employment of the alternative and renewal energetic sources is required and bountiful in the country.

By this way, the most regions in the Country where the power is like an inexistent resource, they can find in this policy the improvement of life conditions and the creation of new prospect at the range of production activities and social services in educational and sanitation areas. At the meeting today the Biogas System was enacted as a prospect of Biogas production in Timor-Leste and the profitable outcomes from it: to decrease cutting trees, potable water and insects contamination (from the diseases), gas manufacture for kitchen and compressed gas light. Eollyc Power is another resource which can avail Timor-Leste to achieve advantage by taking into account Timor-Leste’s geographical situation and climatic conditions. Although the initial investment should be expensive, but the pollution should be reduced, when renewal energy is in use, and should be applicable a hybrid system at the time the wind power should be insufficient for working out.

2. Presentation endorsing National Policy for the Culture.

The Ministry of Education, through it State Secretary for the Culture, has proposed a Resolution for endorsing National Policy for the Culture. The same policy is intended to preserve and disseminate cultural and artistic wealth and values of Timor-Leste through a joint trace of action enclosed the legislation establishment, the support for the investigation programs, education and training and infrastructures construction for the purpose of up holding cultural organization and activities as well as to working together with another relevant entities in cultural periphery.

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