01 July 2009

PNTL resumes primary policing responsibilities in Oecussi

UNMIT Press Release PNTL resumes primary policing responsibilities in Oecussi 30 June 2009, Dili - Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao and Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (SRSG) for East Timor Atul Khare presided today over the ceremony marking the resumption of primary responsibilities for the conduct of police operations by Polícia Nacional de Timor-Leste(PNTL) in the District of Oecussi.

The process started on 14 May when PNTL resumed primary policing responsibility in the district of Lautem. Today represents a second step in this process which is the result of a rigorous assessments conducted by joint teams composed of representatives of the Government of East Timor and UNMIT, including PNTL and UNPOL. Agreement was also reached that the third step would be taken in Manatuto in the near future.

The Government of East-Timor and UNMIT are implementing the resumption process in a gradual manner based on joint assessments and on the preparedness of PNTL in each district and unit, in accordance with mutually agreed criteria. The UN Police will maintain their presence in the districts where the PNTL have resumed responsibilities, in order to support, provide advice and to monitor the PNTL, including in the area of human rights protection.

The District of Oecussi is an 800 square kilometer costal enclave in the western half of the Timor Island. The District is separated from the rest of the country by Indonesian territory.

For further information please contact Gyorgy Kakuk UNMIT Spokesperson kakukg@un.org +670 7230749 or Ivo Dos Santos, dossantoscancio@un.org +670 7311782

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