08 August 2009

East Timor Government - Council of Ministers Meeting 5 August 2009


IV Constitutional Government


The council of ministers meeting on august 05th. 2009

The Council of Ministers held a meeting on August 5th, 2009, in its room, in the Government Building, in Dili, and has approved:

1. The Decree-Law which approves the Judicial Regime for Staffs of Justice, Secretariat Services of the Court, the Office of Attorney General and the Office of Public Defender.

The Judicial Regime for Staffs of Justice, Secretariat Services of the Court, the Office of Attorney General and the Office of Public Defender has been approved by the members of the Government.

This Decree-Law will allow to respond to the urgent needs of the Courts, Office of the Prosecutors and Public Defenders concerning the professional assignment of their staffs, as well as the regulation of materials related to the organization of the Secretariat services of these entities, by promoting their capacities of internal organization and budgeting.

2. Draft of Law which approves the Civil Code

The Council of Ministers has approved today the Draft of Law which approves the Civil Code that represents an important sign in the future on judicially-private relationship in the Country. The legal proposal translates the work of the Committee that has been established since 2004 into that purpose, which intended to collect the questions that could be the subject of adaptation or modification of Timor-Leste’s realities. Thus, the Civil Code allows the judicial actors and community in general, to have the great certainty and stability relatively the regulation of social relations in community life.

The Indonesian Civil Code has been restricted to the applications in the Courts which can reduce the daily activity of Public Administration and the community and limit the development of judicial deal. The Draft of Law approved today, as a result of a period of Public Consultation that has collected relevant academic contributions, which deals with these issues, as well as from the civil society and relevant representative organizations in the Country in order to safeguard a variety of East Timor’s culture and Tradition.

The Council of Minister has also analyzed:

1. The presentation of the activities of the Installing Commission of the Coordinating Committee of Operations of Border

The State Secretariat for the Security, after being identified the difficulties faced by the agencies which undertake their jobs in the management of the Borders and after being established the installing Commission of the Coordinating Committee of Border (FCCCBC), presented in the meeting today the work schedule until October 31st.

Thus, to start developing the activities of cooperation and coordination among all agencies, it is fundamental to appoint the focal points of the agencies during the 3 months period of Installing Commission. It needs also to have a plan of defining the objectives that could be accomplished at short, middle and long terms, and to define a budgetary plan to be foreseen in the budget of each agency. The FCCCBC has also fulfilled the realization of the protocols among all agencies involved in this Committee and the draft of a Decree-Law proposal to be submitted to the Council of Ministers

2. The Presentation on Timor-Leste’s participation in Shanghai 2010 World Expo

The Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry proposed mainly the structure and budgetary estimation for feasible participation of Timor-Leste in Shanghai 2010 World Expo.

The Shanghai 2010 World Expo entitled “Better City, Better Life” is a world-wide Expo and, to the similarity of other kinds of this event, it is expected to host nearly 70 thousand of visitors as it is a privileged locality for economic, scientific, technological and cultural interchanges which can bring the advantages to the Country. The return of participation in an event on this extent will be always a great benefit.

Timor-Leste had participated, for the first time as a Nation, in ‘98 Expo (Lisbon) and it will participate, for the second time as a Nation in Shanghai 2010 World Expo and, in this case, it is the first time as an Independent Country.

As “an Invited Participant Country” of the Popular Government of China, Timor-Leste will get benefit of an offer of pavilion and a financial joint venture to use in services and necessary materials for its accomplishment.

Agio Pereira was appointed by the members of the Council of Ministers, as the commissioner of Timor-Leste for Shanghai 2010 World Expo.

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