18 August 2009

Job Vacancy for Data and Information Technology Specialist - Ita Nia Rai

The Ita Nia Rai programme to strengthen property rights in Timor-Leste is looking for a long-term national Data and Information Technology Specialist

Duration: Up to 3 years based on performance

Project: Strengthening Property Rights in Timor-Leste, USAID-funded, implemented by ARD, Inc.

Project Background:

Working in close cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Direcção Nacional de Terras e Propriedades (DNTP), this 5-year project will build on past USAID Land Law Programs to provide support to the Government of Timor-Leste in the area of land and property. The project’s objectives include: 1) Strengthening Policy, Law and Regulations; 2) Developing Land Administration and Information Systems; 3) Resolving Disputes; and 4) Increasing Public Awareness.

The Project comprises 5 tasks in the pursuit of the objectives noted above; 1) Public Information Awareness / Increased Transparency; 2) Land Policy Laws and Implementing Regulations; 3) Support to a National Land Commission (NLC); 4) Land Administration (Cadastral, Registration and Land Titling System); and, 5) Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Processes for Competing Claims to Land.


The Data and Information Technology Specialist will report to the Project Office Manager, and works under the administrative guidance of the Chief of Party and the ARD Home Office Project Manager and Director of Administration.

The Data and Information Technology Specialist will work closely with the Task 4 Leader and Information Technology Specialist.


The Data and Information Technology Specialist will hold responsibility for recording, managing and maintaining land claims data and preparing the data for subsequent land registration (about 50% of the time) and maintaining project information technology systems in the Dili office as well as systems related to Task-4 cadastral, registration and titling activities and will also assist with the development and implementation of IT systems (about 50% of the time). The responsibilities of the Data and Information Technology Specialist, includes but are not limited to the following:

As Data Management (about 50% of the time):

1. Assist with developing systems and procedures for managing and recording textual and spatial land claims data in a land rights claims database;
2. Assist with implementing data systems to support pilot tests, and assist with the assessment of the results and refinement of the systems if required;
3. Record land claims data received from the projects regional operations such that the data will be suitable for supporting a future title registration system;
4. Record reported data changes in the system databases to maintain the data in an up to date condition;
5. Assist with the design of, and prepare claimant lists and parcel maps needed by regional operations for public display of recorded claims;
6. Assist with training project personnel in activities associated with data collection, entry and processing, and data analysis;
7. Assist with preparing recorded land claims data for passing to the GOTL for land registration and titling, including preparing databases on claimants, cadastral index maps and records of unresolved disputes;
8. Maintain claims recording and land registration activity indicators;

As Information Technologist Specialist (about 50% of the time):

1. Under the direction of the Office Manager the Specialist will work with and assist the International IT Specialist in developing and implementing project IT systems.
2. Under the direction of the Office Manager the Specialist will work with and assist the International IT Specialist in developing and implementing IT systems supporting Task- 4 activities;
3. Assist in developing appropriate systems and data security guidelines and ensure they are followed;
4. Assist in training project staff in information technology systems and procedures in accordance with project guidelines and policies;
5. Assist in monitoring and evaluation of information technology activity indicators;
6. Other activities as deemed appropriate by the Chief of Party.


The position will require some travel within Timor-Leste.

Desirable Requirements

- Post secondary educational qualification in Information Technology;

- Experience working in IT, developing and maintaining IT systems including databases, basic networks;

- Fluency in English and Tetum and good knowledge of Indonesian is required.

- Previous experience working for an international organization would be an advantage.

Personal qualifications:

- Good communicator;

- Timely, professional and hard-working;

- Team player with good inter-personal skills.

To be considered, candidates must be Timor-Leste national with an excellent verbal communication skills in Tetum and Indonesian, and be proficient in English.

Please submit your application letter and CV by email. In the subject line, refer to the job title of the position. Application and CV must be sent to DCabral@sprtl.tl or SSilva@sprtl.tl (+670 730 4330/+670 731 2498) and/or hand delivery to SPRTL Office in Balide no later than August 25, 2009 at 18:00 pm. Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Ita Nia Rai is an equal opportunity employer. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Diva Cabral
Strengthening Property Rights in Timor-Leste
Av. Bispo Medeiros
Balide, Dili, Timor Leste
Mobile +670 731 2498
Email: DCabral@sprtl.tl

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