29 August 2009

Tempo Semanal: Dili Ten Years After 1999

Thursday, 27 August 2009 Dili Ten Years After 1999 TEMPO SEMANAL TV

East Timorese vendors selling their fruit in a country experiencing stability. Less than a few days from now the Timorese people celebrate the 10th anniversary of their vote against Autonomy with the Brutal Indonesia Military rule. In August 30th 1999 under the gun point Timorese people vote for Independence and the Timorese have paid expensive cost for today.

"I didn't worry for my life that morning of August 30th 1999. I was only thinking of not losing to Indonesia,"said a midle age woman who does not want to be on camera and asked not to put release her identity.

Since 2002 this lady and her family have been selling vegetable and fruits in this area. The Government has established a fruit market for the local people opposite to Turismo Hotel in Dili. These local people have been selling their vegetables and fruits in this place since 2002 and the authorities have forcibly removed them from this place on several occasions. But now they are settled and have been helped by the Government. "I have been selling here for almost a decade and sometimes in the past government people came and removed us and destroyed some of our goods," She explained. These vendors are selling fruit like banana, aple, papaya and so on.

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