12 August 2009

Land Network: Women Left Out Of Consultation on East Timor's Draft Land Law

Ainaro District: Only one woman gets to speak on draft Land Law 13 August, 2009 - On 30th July the Minister of Justice led a public meeting on the draft Land Law in Ainaro. The Land Network’s monitoring reveals that only 1 female participant spoke in the Ainaro public consultation.

Jenito Santana from the Land Network observes that the government’s public consultation is closing the door to women across all districts. "What we see so far is that at most 6 female participants get the chance to speak at government meetings on the draft Land Law in the districts. This was even the case in Manatuto where the matrilineal system means that many women are landowners."

"In Baucau, a district with a population of about 110,000 people, only 2 women had the opportunity to ask a question or make a comment. That’s one voice for about 25,000 women…"

In June the Land Network identified a list of measures to facilitate women, and other vulnerable groups, to contribute to the public consultation. So far many of these measures are not met. "We want women, as well as broad range of members of the community to provide their ideas and thoughts into this draft Land Law. We want to see a law that best considers the needs and situation of all people in Timor-Leste."

It is not just women who are left out. Jenito also notes that young people’s attendance at meetings is very low and few get the chance to speak.

"Communities need time to digest the draft Land Law. To understand it, discuss it and share their ideas. We hope the Minister will follow through on her promise to extend the public consultation process, particularly to allow women, vulnerable people and people in rural areas to have their say."

Participants had 60 minutes to speak at the Ainaro consultation. They spoke about:

· land occupations
· the importance of traditional land tenure
· the compatibility of women’s land rights with local culture
· land ownership disputes between the State and the community (via article 26)
· how taxes would effect poor people
· how the government would implement making false statements as a crime.

For further information and public comment please contact Shona Hawkes from the Rede ba Rai (Land Network) at +670 730 2439 or email shona@laohamutuk.org
Distritu Ainaro: Feto ida de’it hetan oportunidade atu koalia kona-ba ezbozu Lei ba Rai 13 Agostu, 2009 - Loron 30 Julhu, Ministra Justisa loke enkontru publiku kona-ba ezbozu Lei ba Rai iha Ainaro. Monitoring husi Rede ba Rai hatete katak feto ida de’it mak iha oportunitunidade atu koalia nu’udar partisipante iha konsultasaun públiku iha Ainaro.

Jenito Santana husi Rede ba Rai haree katak to'o agora governo-nia konsultasaun públiku la loke ba feto. "To'o agora, mesmu partisipante-feto nain 6 iha oportunidade atu koalia iha enkontru ida-idak kona-ba ezbozu Lei ba Rai iha distritu-sira. Maski iha sistema matrilineal iha Manatuto no feto barak sai rai-nain, feto nain 6 de'it mak koalia."

Iha fulan Junhu, Rede ba Rai prepara lista ba aktividades katak bele fasilita feto, no group seluk kbit-laek-nia knaar iha konsultasaun públiku. To'o agora, konsultasaun seidauk implementa aktividades barak husi lista ne'e. "Ami hein katak feto, no ema barak husi komunidade, bele fahe sira-nia ideas no hanoin kona-ba esbosu Lei ba Rai. Ami hakarak lei ida ne’ebé fó konsiderasaun ba nesidade ka situasaun ba ema hotu iha Timor-Leste."

"Iha distritu Baucau ho populasaun 110,000 resin, feto nain 2 de'it mak hetan oportunidade atu husu pergunta ka fo komentariu. Konsultasaun rona lian ida, husi kada feto nain 25,000..."

Ne'e la'os feto de'it ne’ebé ladun partisipa iha enkontru publiku. Pedro mos haree katak ema klosan ladun tuir enkontru no la bele koalia iha enkontru se sira ba.

"Comunidade sira presiza tempu atu kompriende ezbozu Lei ba Rai. Atu kompriende kontuidu, atu diskuti, atu fahe ideas. Ami hein katak Ministra atu implementa ninia promesa atu prolongar prosesu konsultasaun publiku, liu-liu atu loke oportunidade ba ema kbit-laek no ema iha nivel Sucu atu partisipa."

Iha konsultasaun Ainaro, partisipante-sira hetan minutes 60 atu koali. Sira koalia kona-ba :

· Okupasaun rai
· Tanba sa sistema tradisaunal importante
· Se rai komunidade sai rai Estadu (liu husi artigu 26)
· Se direitu ba rai kombatibal ho kultura lokal
· Disputa kona-ba rai entra Estadu no komunidade
· Oinsa taxa nia impaktu baema ki’ak
· Oinsa governo bele implementa statement falsu hanesan krime

Atu hetan informasaun tan ka halo intrevista bele kontaktu ba Jenito Santana husi Rede ba Rai ho numerú kontaktu +670 734 2939 ka email redebarai@gmail.com

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