27 October 2017

Australian Government Loses Majority in Parliament

The High Court of Australia has disqualified 5 MPs
ETLJB - In view of recent events in East Timor, it is worth noting current events in Australia's Parliament.

The High Court of Australia today disaqualified the following Members of Parliament because they did not comply with section 44 (Citizenship) of the Australian Constitution:

Barnaby Joyce (Nationals), [Government MP]
Malcolm Roberts (One Nation),
Larissa Waters (Greens),
Fiona Nash (Nationals) [Government MP], and
Scott Ludlam (Greens) are disqualified

Nick Xenophon (NXT) and Matthew Canavan (Nationals) are safe

There will now be a by-election in Barnaby Joyce's seat of New England

The Government loses its one-seat majority until after that by-election and will be unable to assure passage of legislation through the Parliament.

The government must now go into caretaker mode pending the by-election compelled by the judges of the High Court.

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