22 October 2017

Timorese government reassures foreign investors and diplomatic corps

Mari Alkatiri, Prime Minister of East Timor
Mari Alkatiri, Prime Minister of East Timor 
Observador 10/20/2017, 11:25 !WARNING! MACHINE TRANSLATION The East Timorese government has assured the diplomatic corps in Dili that it will fulfill all its commitments, noting that despite the moment of political tension, "it will continue to merit international trust."

"The country remains stable, peaceful, with all activities going smoothly," Aurelio Guterres, Foreign and Cooperation Minister, told a meeting with diplomats a day after the opposition approved a motion of rejection to the National Parliament. government program.

"All the programs are running smoothly and the state administration will fulfill all its commitments. Timor-Leste will continue to be an example of State building and to be trusted by all, "he said during the short meeting.

Calling on "international investors and companies to continue to place their trust in East Timor," the head of diplomacy said that the ongoing political process will ultimately benefit the people and the country.

He also confirmed that the government will make a second presentation of the executive's program in the coming weeks even though it is not the prime minister, Mari Alkatiri, to defend the text in parliament.

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