17 October 2017

Correction ETLJB Chief Judicial Officer of Timor-Leste Incumbent is SE Dr Deolindo dos Santos

President of the East Timor Court of Appeal SE Deolindo dos Santos
ETLJB apologises to readers for posting out dated information on the occupant of the highest judicial officer in East Timor.

We had previously posted that the incumbent was Guilhermino da Silva. We only recently became aware that Judge da Silva retired on health grounds in April this year.

ETLJB wishes Judge da Silva the best in health recovery and notes him as an historic leader of the judicial organs of the State.

Deolindo dos Santos was subsequently appointed as the President of the East Timor Court of Appeal and his office began on 28 April 2017 following the end of the interim President's term of SE Drs Maria Natércia Gusmão Pereira. to whom ETLJB also expresses highest regards as the first woman chief judicial officer in Timor-Leste.

ETLJB apologises for posting outdated information and any confusion caused thereby.


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