22 October 2017

Timorese executive reinforces security measures after rejection of the Government Program

Graffiti in Dili - City of Peace
!WARNING! MACHINE TRANSLATION LINK TO ORIGINAL BELOW Lusa 19 Oct, 2017, 12:45 | World The Defence and Security Minister of Timor-Leste announced today that he has instructed the authorities to reinforce preventive measures in the country, particularly in the capital Dili, after the opposition rejects the Government Program.

"It is a normal situation," said Jose Somotxo, adding that instructions had been given to the police and the military.

Jose Somotxo was speaking to Lusa ahead of parliamentary halls reserved for the National Congress for the Reconstruction of Timor-Leste (CNRT), the largest opposition party, to which opposition MPs converged after approving a motion to reject the government's program .

The vote that ended four days of debate in the National Parliament was marked by tension, with at least one Democratic Party (DP) deputy and several members of the public shouting "traitors" against opposition deputies.

MEPs from the three opposition parties eventually escorted security personnel to their counter space, and an hour after the debate ended, they were escorted by police to their cars, having left parliament.

Minister Somotxo, who remained in parliament until his departure, reiterated calls by opposition party leaders and Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri to keep the population calm.

The parliament complex is currently closed to the public.

No case of physical violence has been recorded so far.

The three opposition groups, majority in the National Parliament, today approved a motion to reject the government's program, against the votes of the two forces that support the executive.

If there is a second rejection motion and if it is approved, the Government may fall.


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