25 October 2017

LUSA Report on Appointment of Mari Alkatiri Prime Minister 14 September 2017

WARNING MACHINE TRANSLATION ORIGINAL PORTUGUESE TEXT  LUSA 14 de Setembro de 2017 The President of the Republic of Timor-Leste, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, signed the official decree of Mari Alkatiri as prime minister of the 7th Constitutional Government for the period between 2017 and 2022.

"Today I tell the people that the President of the Republic has fulfilled their constitutional powers by appointing Mari Alkatiri as prime minister of the 7th Constitutional Government," he told reporters at the Presidential Palace.

Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo recalled that the appointment of Mari Alkatiri comes after receiving from the coalition between the Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor (Fretilin) ​​and the Democratic Party (PD) the candidacy of Mari Alkatiri for the position.

Although Mari Alkatiri is formally supported by a minority coalition - 23 MPs from Fretilin plus seven from the DP in the 65-seat parliament - Lu-Olo was convinced that the executive will be able to govern with the benefit of parliamentary support from other forces. [emphasis added]

"There is a possibility that the political parties will continue the dialogue in order to guarantee peace and stability in the country and guarantee government stability," he said.

Asked by Lusa whether Timor-Leste should prolong the experience of the last years of collaboration between the various political forces, Lu-Olo said that the consultation is important for the present and future of the country.

Lu-Olo recalled that since 2013 the opposition party, Fretilin, "has done everything to cooperate with the government's party", helping to "guarantee government stability, give hope to the people and show that leaders are united to work together and develop the country. "

Insisting that this "does not mean that any indebtedness to Fretilin was owed by other parties," but that it is important to ensure that the coalition government, now led by Fretilin, has "political agreement in the National Parliament."

"It is necessary for the Members of the Fourth Legislature to work in concert. There will always be differences and this is important to discuss deeply the laws and other issues, but it can not be a reason for Members to enter their differences and leave with the differences. The organs of sovereignty, which represent the people, must work together to develop the country, "said the head of state.

"We have to privilege the experience of recent years in ensuring governance and political stability, projecting an idea of ​​the future and allowing the necessary stability for the transition into the hands of a new generation," he said.

"This is the foundation of what we want, than the PR wants: all organs of sovereignty work together," he insisted.

The government's inauguration ceremony is scheduled to take place in Lahane Palace on Friday afternoon, hours after the solemn session, chaired by the head of state, which marks the start of the first legislative session of the fourth legislature.

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