13 October 2017

Recent Paper by Sue Ingram - What will the new coalition government look like?

Published 2 August 2017 Extract: "The two new parties entering parliament, PLP and KHUNTO, won eight and five seats respectively. PLP was formed only months before the election. It is headed by the former President, Taur Matan Ruak, a trenchant critic of the last government’s expansive spending and mega infrastructure projects, and a staunch advocate of the needs of the country’s poor and of rural development.

KHUNTO, which reportedly has martial arts group affiliations, fell  just short of the minimum threshold to win any seats in 2012 but may have benefitted this time round from the growing cohort of voters under 30."

See full article at:

1. https://www.academia.edu/34835482/Timor-Leste_will_soon_have_a_new_coalition_government_but_what_will_it_look_like

2. https://www.internationalaffairs.org.au/ao-blog-post/timor-leste-new-government/

See also on ETLJB: CNRT and KHUNTO Parliamentary Benches' Political Statements to the National Parliament

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