22 October 2017

PM Alkatiri's Role in 2006 Crisis According to Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor Leste

ETLJB In view of the tensions in Dili at the present time, it is timely to re-examine the aftermath of the 2006 Crisis; particularly the role that incumbent Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, was found to have played in that crisis.

Extract from UNITED NATIONS Press Release Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor Leste 17 October 2006

"With regard to the former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, that he failed to use his firm authority to denounce the transfer of security sector weapons to civilians in the face of credible information that such transfer was ongoing and involved members of the Government.

That there is no evidence before the Commission which could lead to a recommendation that the former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri be prosecuted for being personally involved in the illegal movement, possession or use of weapons.

Nevertheless, there is information before the Commission giving rise to a suspicion that he knew about the illegal arming of civilians with PNTL weapons by Rogerio Lobato.

Accordingly, the Commission has recommended further investigation to determine whether the former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri bears any criminal responsibility with respect to weapons offences."

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