23 October 2017

UN Recommended East Timor Defence Chief Lere Anan Timur be prosecuted for role in 2006 illegal weapons transfer

On October 6, 2011 the President of the Republic José Ramos-Horta swore in Brigadier General Lere Anan Timur as Major-General of the F-FDTL and General Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, replacing Major-General Taur Matan Ruak...

Following the collapse of the rule of law in East Timor in 2006, the Report of the United Nations Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor-Leste contains the following:

134. F-FDTL weapons. 

The evidence relating to the unlawful movement, possession and use of F-FDTL weapons is described in paragraphs 95 and 96 and demonstrates that those weapons were distributed by and/or with the knowledge and approval of the following persons:

  • Roque Rodrigues, 
  • Taur Matan Ruak, 
  • Tito da Costa Cristovão, aka Lere Anan Timor
  • Manuel Freitas, aka Mau Buti, and 
  • Domingos Raul, aka Rate Laek Falur. 
The Commission recommends that these persons be prosecuted for illegal weapons transfer.

The Commission recommends further that of the persons who received the F-FDTL weapons on 24 and 25 May, only those who used the weapons in subsequent criminal activity be prosecuted.

This  includes, for example, Oan Kiak, who used a F-FDTL weapon during the incident at Mercado
Lama on 25 May.

Should a decision be taken to prosecute all individuals who received weapons for unlawful possession, the Commission holds records identifying these persons."

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