21 October 2017

Speech by PM Alkatiri on the Inauguration of the VII Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste


His Excellency Mr. President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Dr. Francisco Guterres "Lú-Olo"

Your Excellency, President of the National Parliament,mDr. Aniceto Guterres

Your Excellency, the President of the Court of Appeal, Dr. Deolindo dos Santos

Excellencies Sirs Former Members of Sovereignty Bodies

Most Reverend Bishops of the Dioceses of Dili, Baucau and Maliana

Leaders of Other Religious Confessions

Distinguished Members and Deputy

Distinguished Members of the VII Constitutional Government

Dear Members of the RAEOA / ZEESM TL Authority

Honoured Leaders of Political Parties and Living Forces of the Society

Respected Members of the Diplomatic Corps

Dear guests and guests

I begin by thanking you for your presence in another inauguration.  First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express the Timor-Leste's solidarity with the deadly tragedy that once again
Portugal. The number of victims and hectares of leaves no East Timorese citizen indifferent and, despite the distance that geographically separates us, I want to make it clear that the People of Portugal are at this moment, more than never, in our prayers.

As it is known, the current 7th Constitutional Government derives from an result electoral process in which the people clearly expressed the wish that there permanent compromise between the various political with a parliamentary seat, calling for their union to guarantee peace and stability the success of any national development program. Is having always in mind that, as Prime Minister, I am doing everything to expand inclusion as necessary for the formation of the Government I have the honor to lead.

It is also with the intention of expanding the inclusion that I decided to add another three
women to the government cast, as well as  the active participation of women in national political life. I want to leave it so it is clear that the defence of gender equality is, from the outset, a promotingThe current Government will also give priority to the legislative and institutional framework of society and the State, bringing Justice closer to all citizens.

We will seek to improve the national legal order and its implementation, as well as the promotion of the rule of law, knowing that through citizens and institutions. Among the institutions, it is worth mentioning the judicial system which should receive particular support and assistance in the
development of their capacities, ensuring at all times respect for the independence of the judiciary and the autonomy of the administration of the judicial cooperation.

In the area of ​​external relations, Timor-Leste must proactive in promoting and defending national interests, favoring the reinforcement of cooperation and friendship with neighbouring countries and with countries with which it historical and cultural ties, namely the CPLP.

Today more than ever, Timor-Leste must be particularly committed to defining a diplomatic course of action for the affirmation and peacebuilding and stability at national, regional and international levels. You should strengthen their ability to engage in dynamic economic diplomacy benefits of an increasingly globalised economy, cultural aspect of diplomacy in order to enhance our history, our people and our identity with the international community.

This is also a shared goal with the tourism industry. Timor-Leste has tourism potential which, in our view, should be exploited within a framework of interventions from the public sector, the private sector, civil society and contribute to the development of a tourism industry that should serve as a catalyst for economic diversification in the country in alignment with the National Tourism Policy.

I reiterate here what I still had the opportunity yesterday to affirm with the National Parliament at the time of the presentation of the VII Government Program Constitution, the great political objective of this Government is to govern for the people, to the people, responding to their aspirations and their aspirations united by the common vision of building an inclusive, fair and developed country. This was the ideal that guided us and united before, should be the ideal to guide us and unite now!

I would like to end this short intervention by referring to a recent event. As we have already stated, the delimitation of permanent borders with Australia and Indonesia is a national priority for the current Government. Therefore, we must welcome the latest heading of the final text of the treaty on the boundary between Australia and Timor-Leste, to be signed on a date yet to be determined. Once again, we present our deepest thanks, for all the efforts made, to the previous Government and, above all, to the our Maun Bot, Xanana Gusmão.

Thank you very much.


Third day of the debate of the VII Government Program
Government prepares to resubmit the Program to the National Parliament, respecting democracy and stability

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