26 October 2017

After Timor is No Longer Indonesia - An Indonesian Perspective

Exhumation of victims of the Indonesian genocide in East Timor
Exhumation of victims of the Indonesian genocide in East Timor
WARNING MACHINE TRANSLATION OF INDONESIAN TEXT Image added by ETLJB Minggu 02 April 2017, 08:56 WIB Detik News Jakarta - 1999 It's far behind. Since then, east of Atambua, Belu regency, is no longer Indonesia. There is no more East Timor because it has changed with Timor Leste as an independent country.

Two countries take a different path, developing individually. Boundary on the border, observing cross-border country, about how the comparison of Indonesia and Timor Leste at a glance now.

December 20, 2014, President Jokowi stood on the bridge, his eyes staring at this border area. Her white shirt arm is rolled up. I do not know what was in his mind when it looked at the leading condition.

The contents of Jokowi's mind in Belu District was only revealed two years later. On August 26, 2016, Jokowi admitted embarrassed to see the condition of Indonesia-East Timor border.

"When I went there for example in Motaain (Belu Regency), the office just like the village, on the other side of his office is like a mall," said Jokowi when giving a speech at the National Dialogue HIPMI Senior Association of Indonesia (ISHI) in 2016 at Raffless Hotel, Kuningan , South Jakarta, Friday (8/26/2016).

He requested the post office of State Boundary Cross (PLBN) Motaain in Belu torn down. The road at that location should be widened, not to be outdone by the width of the road opposite it, in Timor Leste.

Budget Rp 82 billion digelontorkan to build PLBN Motaain. In November 2016, AFP had the opportunity to see the construction of PLBN Motaain. This border postal building was built with the architecture that affected the traditional house of NTT, Mbaru Niang.

Finally at the end of 2016, PLBN Motaain has become 100 percent. The main building is a center of integrated immigration services. All services will be conducted in the same building and done with a more regular flow with enough one-time reporting.

Not the same as it used to be contrasted with Timor Leste's State Border Post, now this window of Indonesia is proud to be passed by East Timorese and Indonesians passing through this area.

So grand, now it turns proud East Timorese citizens photographed in front of PLBN Motaain owned by Indonesia.

"Now the people there (Timor Leste) are in our place (PLBN Motaain) .This is a matter of pride and pride and dignity," said Jokowi at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Tuesday (10/1/2017) ) then.

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