25 October 2017

Commission for the Legislative Reform and Justice Sector presents diagnostic conclusions

Commission for the Legislative Reform and Justice Sector presents diagnostic conclusions Mon. July 3, 2017, 3:25 a.m. - After the investigation and consultations with institutions of the justice sector and local, community and traditional administrative entities, the results of the diagnoses on commercial law and conflict resolution through formal and informal justice were presented. To this end, a series of discussions was organized by the Commission for Legislative Reform and the Justice Sector (CRL) in the last week of June, where the main conclusions and recommendations were presented.

"For a proposal to reform the Commercial Law in Timor-Leste" was the theme of the first session, held on June 22. The main conclusions and recommendations of the research were presented by the President of CRL, Jorge Graça, and Legal Adviser Georgie McArthur, who defended the need to be clearer, simpler, more complete and coherent and, consequently, more practical for the use of commercial-2 entrepreneurs in Timor-Leste. Highlights included matters such as company and business registration, general obligations of traders, commercial contracts, duties of directors and commercial companies in Timor-Leste. Professor Mary Keyes, Deputy Director of Griffith University in Australia, addressed trade agreements from a comparative perspective.

On the 27th, the theme was "For a policy of conflict resolution centered on society - informal justice". In this session, researchers from the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (CES) and CRL technicians presented the empirical data resulting from the CRL investigation. The first panel discussion was attended by university professors and discussed "Conflict resolution within Timorese society: socio-anthropological, informal-historical and political perspectives". In the second panel, with representatives of Civil Society and communities, the theme "Justice of cultural, economic and geographical proximity - what challenges and opportunities?" Was discussed. The third and final panel of the day discussed the theme "The role of the Timorese State in resolving and mediating conflicts: present and future", with the participation of representatives of government institutions and the judicial sector.

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