22 October 2017

Politicians call for calm after rejection of government program

!WARNING! MACHINE TRANSLATION 19/10/17 POR LUSA Noticias ao Minuto Timorese political leaders, including the Prime Minister, today called for the population to remain calm following approval by the opposition majority in the National Parliament of a motion to reject the government's program.

I urged everyone to come home calmly. I'm calm, too. We will do everything so that there is no violence, but we can not, with that sense of state being eternally meaningful and giving the state to others, "Mari Alkatiri told Lusa after the vote on the motion.

The text was approved with the support of the National Congress of Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) and the Popular Liberation Party (PLP) - led respectively by former Timorese presidents and historical leaders Xanana Gusmão and Taur Matan Ruak - and by the deputies of Kmanek Haburas Timor Oan National Unit (KHUNTO), which debuts in parliament in the current legislature.

"Voted in favor 35, voted against 30, abstention 0. Motion of rejection approved," said Aniceto Guterres, president of the National Parliament.

In their latest speeches before the vote, MPs from the CNRT and PLP have appealed to the population to maintain the tranquility that has been lived in the country, while also appealing to the national leaders - namely, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri and leaders of those parties, Xanana Gusmão and Taur Matan Ruak, to dialogue.

Arão Amaral, head of the CNRT bench, also recalled that he was the first to use the rejection motion in Timor but that this was "normal in the rest of the world", saying that his party "does not seek power" and that it always respected the Constitution.

"To the people of Timor-Leste, to the youth, I appeal to them to understand that this is the democratic game, that there are differences, there is discussion but always respecting constitutional rules and laws," he said.

Fidelis Magalhães, head of the PLP, acknowledged that this is a "difficult stage of a process" that occurs for the first time - no government program since the restoration of independence has been subject to a rejection motion and only one has been targeted. vote of confidence.

"I do not have a single interest other than defending the welfare of the people, the national interest." "Be careful how they use the terms or what they make of the terms," ​​he said.

"I take this opportunity to call on all the people and all the militants to leave the polity in the parliament so that they continue in an environment of friendship, of tranquility in Timor-Leste, to defend the peace and the stability," he said.

Angelita Sarmento, another MP of the PLP, also defended the normality of the rejection motion, saying that the "rules of democracy" are fulfilled and appealing to all to collaborate to maintain "peace, unity, social cohesion and democracy."

"The program has not but appealed to national leaders to seek political consultation, permanent dialogue. I appeal to the historic leaders to create conditions for achieving governmental sustainability, peace and national unity," he said.


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