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22 October 2017

Laloran Justisa: Waves of Justice: The TV show teaching viewers in Timor-Leste about human rights

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SBS 01/10/2017 Australia -By Gary Cox Broadcast nationally in Timor-Leste, Waves of Justice is a Tetum-language series that combines family tensions, football and music with issues of democracy and human rights.

In wealthy countries, free-to-air broadcast television may be giving way to marathon binge sessions on your favourite streaming service.

But in Timor-Leste, viewers are getting something extra in their terrestrial TV programming and it's proving a hit.

A new locally-produced law and order drama is taking the fledgling nation by storm.

Laloran Justisa, or Waves of Justice, is a Tetum-language series that presents family tensions, football, music and love stories in combination with important human rights and democracy themes.

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