27 November 2008

East Timor Legal News 18 November 2008

Constructing armory for defence force is state's compromise: Horta Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 18 November 2008 - President Jose Ramos Horta said constructing a logistics armory for the Timorese defense Force (F-FDTL) was part the State's compromises to develop the defence force to be more professional in future.

Gusmao not afraid of legal charge Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 18 November 2008 - Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, said he was not afraid of facing a legal charge if he spent the state budget for resolving problems and concerns being faced by the country's people.

Govt to continue spending stabilisation funds: PM Xanana Gusmao Timor Post 18 November 2008 - Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, said the Government would continue spending the economic stabilisation funds worth $240 million, even though the Court of Appeal had made a decision that the referred funds was baseless to be used.

AFP hands over ballistic report to Prosecutor General Timor Post 18 November 2008 - The Australian Federal Police has officially handed over a report on the ballistic examination of evidences related to the assassination attempt on President Jose Ramos Horta on 11 February.

Judge calls on media to respect court's ruling Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 18 November 2008 - A Dili District Court judge has called on journalists to respect the rulings being applied by the court, urging them [the journalists] to respect every court hearing which is closed to the public, as if it was about sensitive case.

Police detains two Bangladeshi nationals Suara Timor Lorosae 18 November 2008 - Timorese Border Police Unit have detained two foreign nationals originally from Bangladesh who tried to illegally enter Timor-Leste through the Bobonaro border zone.

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