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17 November 2008

Tais Exhibition 23 November 2008 in Lawson, New South Wales

An East Timorese weaving exhibition and sale organised by the Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters will be held on 23 November 2008 in Lawson, New South Wales (Australia). Click on the brochure image below to see further details.

From Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters:

East Timor is our nearest neighbour and the world's newest democracy.

The people of East Timor have faced a history of colonisation, oppression and violence and continue to demonstrate resilience and determination.

Whilst vast improvements in economic conditions are expected over the next years, the East Timorese people still face enormous obstacles with widespread poverty, ill health and limitations in education and employment opportunities.

In particular, women in East Timor are facing the disadvantages stemming from a patriarchal society and the impact of decades of resistance.

The BMETS is a volunteer group of women who have been inspired by the great courage and vision for a better future that East Timorese women have shown.

We want to contribute to improving opportunities for women in East Timor and we have pursued our goals by raising funds and developing projects in East Timor under the guidance of local East Timorese women who we now call friends.

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