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13 November 2008

East Timor Security Update October 2008

(Source: Joint NGO Security Office and UNMIT) - The overall security situation in Timor Leste has remained quiet and generally calm. The following are however of note:

22 – 29 OCTOBER

There were 59 recorded incidents across Timor Leste. This is higher than the last reporting period (53). UN Police (UNPol) made 51 arrests.

An Indonesian liaison office is to be established in Oecussi, which will assist with cross border businesses and movement of persons.

Preparations for the deployment of F-FDTL units to assist border policing continue.

The Australian Government stated that they would be reducing the number of troops deployed in Timor-Leste from 750 to 650 . This will occur in the next two-three months, most likely before Christmas. Including the 150 New Zealand troops, this will leave ISF numbering approximately 800 soldiers. The Royal New Zealand Air Force detachment of two Iroquois helicopters plus support, which have been attached to ISF, will leave Timor Leste at the end of October.

Students from the University of Timor Leste had a meeting in solidarity with the street vendors who were recently moved from a number of locations by the Government. At the end of the meeting, they stated that they wished to carry out a demonstration but no dates were given.


There were 60 recorded incidents across Timor Leste. This is higher than the last reporting period (59). UN Police (UNPol) made 56 arrests.

An operation to move the vendors at Pantai Kelapa market to Comoro market is expected soon. The vendors are reported to be unhappy at the prospect of moving from prime economic real estate and so there may be some resistance to the Government operation. The students at UNTIL proposed that they hold another meeting on this issue but no date has been set.


Image: Australian soldiers implementing security checks in East Timor.

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