14 November 2008

UNMIT Press Release: UN in Timor-Leste Investigates Serious Traffic Accident in Dili

Dili, 13 November 2008 - UNMIT is investigating an accident in Dili last night that has injured two people – one critically - after an UNPol vehicle was involved in a traffic incident.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Atul Khare, has sent his sympathy to the family of the critically injured person on behalf of all UN staff and has promised swift action on those found to be responsible. He has also provided immediate financial assistance to the family.

Details of the incident are still being investigated but UNPol has identified the vehicle and the alleged driver. Depending upon the outcome of these investigations, a variety of measures will be enacted, included waiver of immunity or repatriation to face justice in the country of origin of the driver.

Mr. Khare has also expressed best wishes for full recovery of the second injured person and has promised all assistance to him.

For more information please call Allison Cooper on +670 7230453 or Lito Gama on +670 7311839

Image: A UN vehicle in East Timor.

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