05 November 2008

East Timor Council of Ministers Meeting 22 October 2008

Democratic Republic of East Timor
V Constitutional Government
Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers


Meeting of the Council of Ministers 22 October 2008

The Council of Ministers met this Wednesday, 22nd October 2008, in the Council of Ministers meeting room, Government Palace, in Dili where it approved:

1. Presentation of the United Nations Peace Building Support Office

The United Nations have an aid program to help in the peace building process in countries in a post-war situation.

This support involves a series of measures that reduce the risk of going back to a conflict situation. Examples are, the reinforcement of security, the monitorisation of elections and human rights, as well as the development of the institutional capacity.

United Nations Peacebuilding is composed of:

a) Peacebuilding Commission (PBC);
b) Peacebuilding Fund (PBF);
c) Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO).

The Peace Building Commission is an intergovernmental advisory body that is composed of all the relevant elements to coordinate and discuss points of view, as well as propose strategies to the promotion of peace in the countries emerging from conflict situations.

The Peace Building Fund is focused on the critical and relevant flaws, providing support and financial aid to develop mechanisms that support this purpose.

The Peace Building Support Office establishes connections with external partners to develop peace building strategies, marshals resources and enhances international coordination. It is based on knowledge and good practices of Peace building.

2. Part II of the Strategic Framework for Decentralisation and the Municipal Process, Draft-law of the Territorial and Administrative Division, Draft-Law Local Government and Draft-Law on Municipal Elections.

The Council of Ministers analysed all these proposals, and these will be discussed still in future meetings.

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