04 August 2009

East Timor Land Network: Justice Minister Lobato extends draft land law consultations

More time for the Land Law? Promises & Comments from Viqueque 3 August, 2009 - On July 21, the Justice Minister, Lucia Lobato visited Viqueque for a public meeting on the draft Land Law. The Minister also announced she would extend the public consultation process until November 2009.

"We are very excited that the Minister announced an extension to the public consultation," said Pedro Viera, from the Land Network. "This would help increase community awareness and feedback. However, we are not sure if the Minister intends to follow-through on this promise. If she doesn't, this will create confusion."

Viqueque participants noted that the public meeting was too brief, with only just over 1 hour for participants to speak.

"In Viqueque there is a lot of conflict over land. One hour isn't anywhere near enough to get meaningful comment on how the Land Law can address this".

Participants also asked for Suco level consultation on the draft Land Law, and raised issues including community land, taxes for large land owners and how community land boundaries would be defined.

However, Ines Martins of the Land Network notes, "under the draft Land Law communities are not able to make decisions on how outsiders – such as the State or foreign companies use their land. The State will make these decisions, with no obligation to listen to communities. It is not even clear who gets money from leasing community land to outsiders – the community or the State?"

"Because people are not fully aware of what’s in the draft land law, the consultation is not exploring issues like this. This is why we need a longer consultation."

For further information and public comment please contact Shona Hawkes from the Land Network at +670 730 7800 or email shona@laohamutuk.org.

Iha tempu tan ba Lei ba Rai? Promesa no komentariú husi Viqueque 3 Agostu, 2009

Loron 21, Julhu, Ministra ba Justisa, Lucia Lobato vizita ba distritu Viqueque atu halo enkontru públiku kona-ba ezbozu Lei ba Rai. Ministra mos fo anunsio katak nia atu prolonga tempu ba konsultasaun públiku to’o Novembru 2009.

"Ami kontente tebes katak Ministra dehan nia atu prolonga tan tempu konsultasaun" dehan Pedro Viera, husi Rede ba Rai. "Prolonga konsultasaun bele ajuda komunidade, sira bele kompriende lei kona-ba lei ne’e no fahe sira-nia hakarak. Maibe, ami seidauk klaru se Ministra atu implementa promesa ne’e. Se lae, ne’e bele hamosu konfusaun."

Partisipantes Viqueque dehan katak enkontru públiku badak-los, ho horas ida resin de’it ba sira atu koalia.

"Iha Viqueque iha konflitu barak kona-ba rai. Horas ida de’it ba tempu la to’o atu hetan hanoin ne’ebé klean oinsa Lei ba Rai bele haree asuntu ne’e."

Partisipante-sira mós husu iha konsultasaun kona-ba lei iha nivél Suco, no koalia kona-ba asuntu rai komunidade, taxa ba rai bo’ot no oinsa bele haree baliza ba area komunidade.

Ines Martins husi Rede ba Rai mós hateten,"Iha ezbozu Lei ba Rai komunidade la iha direitu atu foti desisaun kona-ba ema husi liur – hanesan Estadu ka kompania malae, bele uja sira-nia rai. Estadu mak foti desisaun ne’e, maibe la iha obrigasaun atu rona komunidade-nia lian. Ne’e mós seidauk klaru osan husi aluga rai komunidade ba ne’ebé – ne’e komunidade ka Estadu mak simu?"

"Tanba ema seidauk hatene saida mak iha ezbozu Lei ba Rai, asuntu hanesan ne’e seidauk hatama. Tan ne’e tenke prolonga konsultasaun."

Atu hetan informasaun tan ka halo intrevista bele kontaktu ba Pedro Viera husi Rede ba Rai ho numerú kontaktu +670 726 9038 ka email redebarai@gmail.com

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