05 August 2009

The Provedor Issues Daming Report Accusing Justice Minister

Monday, 3 August 2009

Internet Exclusif: The Provedor Issues Damning Report Accusing the Minister of Justice

In mid July 2008 Tempo Semanal first reported on allegations of corruption collusion and nepotism being perprerated by the Minister of Justice in the awarding and implementation of Ministry of Justice tenders, contracts and projects. One case in particular bring the Gleno and Becora Prison Rehabilitation Project. In December 2008 the Minister of Justice lodged a charge of defamation against Tempo Semanal. In mid July of 2009 in the last 2 weeks the Provedor of
Timor-Leste has issued a report sending its findings and recommendations to the Prime Minister, Council of Ministers and the Prosecutor-General.

Minister Lobato and her UNDP Colleagues that assisted in rehabiitating the prison wall at Becora.
Among the findings are

1) that the Minister of Justice abused her power
2) that the Minister of Justice exercised gross nepotism as the company which one the award has a family member as director
3) that the Minister of Justice is corrupt in exercise of Gleno/Becora Prison project
4) that there was a conspiracy between the companies which one the contracts and the Minister of Justice

To read the full report - download here (7MB)

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