06 November 2008

Documenting East Timor's criminal past

4 November 2008: ZyLAB has been awarded a contract to provide crime investigation software to support the United Nation's Serious Crimes Investigations Team (SCIT) in East Timor.

The team is looking into remaining investigations of outstanding serious crimes committed in 1999.

There are still about half of the approximately 1400 killings that took place during the last year of Indonesia's occupation of East Timor still uninvestigated.

The UN team is to investigate the remaining crimes, but not to issue indictments or warrants, or to bring any cases to trial as these are the responsibility of the Prosecutor General's (PG) Office.

In this competitive bid, the request for technology to help with the investigations included the following:

-- Document Management System specifically for the management of judicial/investigative records. The solution had to meet the following requirements:
-- Electronic Bates stamping;
-- Document review and indexing (meta fields) documents and annotating relevant document sections;
-- Full-text searching of documents (therefore requires OCR engines);
-- Automatic alerting of new relevant documents based upon predefined queries;
-- Redaction of documents;
-- Disclosing documents (document flow);
-- Publishing relevant document collections to third parties on CD and DVD (including a copy of the search engine);
-- Archiving relevant documents in a DoD 5015.2 compliant records management system;
-- Text/data mining components.

The ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform is a complete XML-based system that provides a robust foundation for the archiving and long-term management of vital information, from digitized paper documents, to electronic files, to email and attachments, to multimedia.

The Information Access Platform's comprehensive core technology provides for finding, accessing, and organizing specific data through a standard browser in a quick, easy, and secure fashion. Users can add additional modules to create the exact, cost-effective solution they require for specific types of projects or business processes (including records management, content management, workflow, e-discovery and e-disclosure, and more).

"We are pleased that our technology has been selected to help with this investigation and that our technology was the only one reviewed that met all of this comprehensive RFP's requirements," Dr. Johannes Scholtes, President of ZyLAB North America LLC.

"We have a proven track record and experience in this type of investigation as we have supplied the war crimes tribunals of the UN-ICTY (Yugoslavia), UN-ICTR (Rwanda), UN-AKRT-ECCC (Cambodia), UN-SCSL (Sierra Leone), UN Tribunal of the Sea and the International Court of Justice."


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